Astronomical Links




Una serie di links utili per l'astrofilo, divisi per argomento
A serie of interesting astronomical links

 Informazione astronomica generale

General astronomical information -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids
Astronomia - - Il portale per l' Astronomia in Italia
AstroCam, le site des WebCams Astro
Dublin Night Sky Observer - Equipment
Ron Wodaskt CCD
Coelum Astronomia - Home Page
VSNET: World-Leading Network on Variable Stars
Starlight Xpress CCD
Ephemerides and Orbital Elements
IAU: Minor Planet Center
SkyBadger - Where Astronomy gets personal
Gyulbudaghian's Nebula
Technical Notes
Telescope Reviews | Cloudy Nights
Spectroscopy, CCD and Astronomy - Iris-
WCSTools Catalogs
Backyard CCD Astro-Imaging Astrodon
Smart Star Bloat
Gradient Removal
Winchester Electronics -- Canadian Agents for Starlight Xpress
Richard Berry's World-Wide-Web Site
Images From The Night Sky Menu Page
CCD Astronomy for Beginners
drift scan imaging
Data Index
1° Convegno Virtuale di Astronomia Amatoriale
MPChecker: Minor Planet Checker
Spectra of Gas Discharges
Solar Terrestrial Dispatch - Leader in Space Weather Forecasting Services
Survey Interface File for Spectroscopic Output 1-d Spectrum
Astroart manual info
Vanderbei Astrophotos
Hints and Tips
Spaceflight Now | Breaking News | Free Hubble home software now available
wpo-spectroscope tests deepsky/OIII filters
IceInSpace   (very interesting Australian Site)
UAI Unione Astrofili Italiana
David Haworth - Observational Astronomy


 Astrofotografia e astrotecnica

Astropotography and astrotechnique

homepage di Lavoratti Piero - tecniche di astrofotografia tradizionale e non

Gruppo Astronomia Digitale - G.A.D. - La Spezia
Ombre dall'Infinito
Andy Homeyer's Place - What I Build
Celestron C11 Modifications
LX200 Image Shift & Focus Issues --Mapug
Gerry's Astro Imaging Page
Carsten Arnholm's Astronomy Page
C.A.N.A. - Centro Astronomico "Neil Armstrong" - Home Page
Eddie Trimarchi's Home Page
Clay Kessler
Andreas Rörigs Astronomieseiten
Ian Kings Astro Imaging
Home Page di Alessandro Freda
Plinio Camaiti Homepage
Wolfgang Promper
Gruppo Astronomia Digitale - G.A.D. - La Spezia
Astrophotography by Russell Croman
Rob Gendler homepage
Home page di Nicola Marconi
AstroCampania - Astronomia in Campania - Mailing List
CELESTIAL WONDERS - Astrophotography site by Piermario Gualdoni
Cyril Cavadore Home page
CCD Galerie
The Hanna City Robotic Observatory
Passaggio di Venere 004
Adventures in Astronomy!
Taku's CCD Gallery ~?????~
Tanaka Kazuyuki's Home Page
Marco Fazzoli home page - By Marco Fazzoli
Personal Site of Scott Berfield
ASTROCRUISE - Astrophotography by Philip Perkins
Paul's Astropage - Eng Webcam
Al di là della Luna -Danilo hompage-
John Noble
Albino Carbognani Home page



CANOPUS 98/05 - Crayford Focuser Mk1
An Easy to Make, Single-piece Crayford-type Focuser
ATM Links
S*T*A*R Astronomy - Telescope Making Links
Motorized filter wheel
Landrum's CCD imaging page - Equipment
Larry Weber
Telecontrollo Telescopi AstroElettronica
Pyros Home
Albert's Guide to the Galaxy, CCD, Astrophotography, Techno Plus, Albert van Duin
Audine: Table of Contents
Azioniamo un motore passo-passo (stepper motor)
AstroDesigns Homepage
Focal Reducer Placement
Lampeggiatore con NE555





ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey
The HST Science Catalogue
ESO and Space Telescope Science Archive Facilities


CCD Info e Tecniche

CCD information and technique

Tim Abbott's home page at CTIO
CCD Test Methods
9. Details of the Basic Reductions of the Photometry
How to measure CCD properties in situ
Amateur Photometry with the Cookbook CCD (and some pretty pictures too)
Repaired ST-7E CCD: Bench and field testing show that it's now ready for photometry.
JCA: Instructional/Research telescope/SBIG 8E
CCD Topics
Yankee Robotics, LLC
Pleiades Astrophoto | Software Development/Downloads
CCD Astronomy HOWTO and Sky Observation Log
Doc G's Info Site
StarlightXpressMX 7C/716
Paul LeFevre's CCD Image Gallery
Amateur Astronomy
Luminance Corrected LRGB
New LRGB process
CCD's and Astrophotography
Steve Shames color and black & white infrared photo gallery





Pierfranco Bellomo Hompage

Spectroscopy, CCD and Astronomy  

Astronomy Camp Spectroscopy

Please title this page. (Page 1)   (Spectroscopy site of Stephane and Didier Morata)

ARAS - Astronomical Ring for Access to Spectroscopy

Worcester Park Observatory-UK

Unione Astrofili Italiani - Sezione spettroscopia Astronomica   (Spectroscopy and Spectroheliography site of Phil Rousselle)


Riviste di Astronomia

Le Stelle on line - Home Page

Coelum Astronomia - Home Page

Sky and Telescope - Home

Astronomy Now Online - Welcome

Ciel et Espace, magazine de sciences de l'AFA, association française d'Astronomie


Pagine personali di astrofili

 Personal Pages of Astronomers